TECHly HDMI KVM Extender: connect up to 70m away and manage your PC remotely |Hardware Upgrade

2022-05-21 02:21:22 By : Ms. Na Li

The new TECHly kit supports the KVM function, so it allows you to use the mouse and keyboard even remotely, where we place the display that ends the connection.Here's everything you need to knowTECHly's new HDMI Extender supports the KVM function, which allows you to manage a PC remotely via USB mouse and keyboard.It is a kit consisting of two small boxes that act as transmitter and receiver with dedicated ports that are used to make audio-video connections via HDMI technology even at long distances, overcoming the limitations imposed by traditional video cables with Ethernet cables.HDMI is an extremely popular standard as a digital connectivity solution between audiovisual devices, but it imposes important limits in terms of range.For a consumer user it is not a big problem since cables a few meters long are quite cheap, but it costs a lot to produce cables for long ranges, and cables of more than 20/30 meters that do not significantly degrade the signal are very rare. managed.There are setups that, however, require a long distance between source and display, monitor or television, and in these uses the use of an HDMI Extender, such as those of TECHly that we have tried several times in our pages, is essential.The latest model arrived in the editorial office is the HDMI KVM Extender on Network Cable, a kit capable of carrying a video signal with a maximum resolution of Full HD (1080p) at 60Hz, up to a maximum distance of 70 meters.The kit also supports HDR10 mode (YUV4: 4: 4), but its peculiarity is the support of KVM technology which makes it possible to manage the source easier even where the device with which we transmit the audio-video contents is positioned, for example. for example a PC with support for USB peripherals.KVM are the initials for keyboard, video and mouse in English.If the function of an HDMI extender is to increase the range of an audio-video connection, the function of a KVM extender is to also increase the range of the computer connection with peripherals.In the case of the TECHly HDMI KVM Extender on Network Cable, it is possible to bring the USB connection of the computer that acts as the source near the monitor or TV, in order to use the mouse and keyboard there.The computer can therefore be managed in all functions not in its vicinity, as occurs with other types of traditional extenders, but much more comfortably where the connection will end.TECHly HDMI KVM Extender can support video streams up to Full HD resolution at 60Hz, as already mentioned, and even uncompressed audio streams, or in DTS HD and DTS Audio formats.The connection is made through Ethernet cables up to Cat. 6, Cat. 6A or Cat. 7, which guarantee total absence of degradation in the quality of images and audio, and zero latency in each of its components.The kit consists of two boxes powered by network adapters supplied, the first acting as a transmitter, the second acting as a receiver.The Ethernet cable necessary for their connection is not supplied in the original equipment, since the length must be chosen based on the needs of the setup that we are preparing to prepare.The Transmitter box connects to the source, for example the computer that will send the audio-video signals and manage the USB connection.We list below the different ports present:There are also two LEDs, one that indicates the status of the power supply (flashing when there is power but no HDMI signal is being transmitted, always on when the system is operating correctly) and one that indicates the status of the KVM connection.All ports have a more than intuitive function, with the HDMI input used to obtain the HDMI stream from the computer and the output one to have video playback on a local monitor.The Receiver box has the same compact dimensions as the transmitter, but is used to obtain the signal and the KVM function remotely, so it must be installed near the display or TV that we want to manage remotely from the computer.The following ports are present:Also in this case the operation of the ports is extremely intuitive: in the Ethernet the cable that starts from the transmitter must be connected, in the two USB ports instead we connect the mouse and keyboard to be used remotely, while in the HDMI output you can connect the display that ends the link.Also in this case there are the KVM and power LEDs, while a 3.5mm audio jack allows you to reproduce the sound of the source even through headphones or amplified systems separated from the display or TV connected via HDMI.The system works well at the first connection thanks to the ability to dynamically adjust the parameters based on the network cable used and the systems chosen for the setup, in order to always offer the best possible display performance.The boxes are made of metal alloy, and have integrated systems for protection against lightning and overvoltages.The TECHly system can be purchased on the Manhattan Shop for € 204.79, including VAT and shipping.This is a price in line with other products of the same type and of the same quality, clearly designed for business-type scenarios in which HDMI connections otherwise impossible to make are required.